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Human Trafficking effects everyone.
The average age of a trafficked 
victim is ages 20-29

There were 52 local arrests in Orange County in 2013
OC Sex Trafficked Victims in 2013 Female Adults - 114 Female Minors - 63
Currently, there are only 33 programs in the US of which, 75% are for minors only. Most are temporary shelters.
60% of girls emancipating out of Foster Care are solicited within hours of hitting the streets.
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We are so excited about the Restord Ranch right here in California. This ranch will be for girls, ages 18-26, who have been freed from the chains of sex trafficking. Currently, we are raising capital for the purchase price of the ranch and operational expenses. Please check back as we update our website with information on the ranch, the program and our projected opening date.
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We are currently updating our site in order to bring you the most current information regarding the Restord Ranch!

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