WELCOME ~ If you are new to our site and inquiring about the RESTORD Living program, we are excited that you have found us. We are currently in transition, but thrilled about the next few months as we make plans to open our center and residency program. For more in-depth information on our program, please click the program link above. 

We are a local Southern California nonprofit focused on helping young women and we are fearless in our commitment to their success and restoration. With thousands of young women who've endured circumstances that are unimaginable. Drug addiction. Abuse. Neglect. Abandonment. Violence. Life on the streets, sex trafficking and predators and most are unable to escape their intolerable circumstances. But the common denominator with all of these young women; they have never experienced what it truly means to live a life fully RESTORD. 

Empowering better futures requires education, mentoring, counseling and results. It also requires time, commitment and patience. The RESTORD Living Program offers all of this and has been developed to meet the individual needs of these young women no matter what their circumstance.

Maybe you're here because you have a heart to help young women and would like know how you can get involved as they start their journey towards living a life totally RESTORD. For more information click here INFO

MISSION STATEMENT ~ To empower young women through a faith-based leadership training and lifestyle program, equipping them with a purpose and skills to make a difference in their life and impact those around them.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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